About This Space

Some years ago I started a Bible Study with a friend called Sustenance. We had a heart to see women growing in their understanding of who God was, and who He had called them to be. The heart of what we wanted wasn’t just to read a scripture and move on…but to allow time for study, reflection, and discussion. God gave me this word “Sustenance” when praying for what we would call this little group. There is a difference between reading to read…and reading to grow. We wanted to grow…we wanted the Word, the Bread of Life, to give us life. Just as food is meant to be digested into the body so that you may gain strength, may grow, may have life…so we must digest the Word of God in the spiritual body (the church) in order that we may gain strength in unity, grow in our faith, and have life abundantly.

Fast forward several years, the group was amazing. I saw God grow us in not only our faith, but in our community, and living life more abundantly. The group lasted for five years, with a variety of women coming and going as they were able. Although the group has not met now in several years, the heart that God gave me for Sustenance never grew cold.  Our need of God, does not ever lesson. As long as we live…the closer we grow to Him, the more we see our deep need for Him. And that is what Sustenance was all about.

So here I sit, turning to another chapter of my life and my ministry, asking God what He wants to do…and I hear the word again…Sustenance. I have always loved writing, and have tried blogging here and there. First a poetry blog…but I ran out of poems. Then a fashion blog with my best friend…but I ran out of money (ok that’s not true…but I did run out of inspiration and drive to get a picture worthy outfit everyday). Then the fashion blog turned into a devotional type space, and that I loved. That was the real beginning for me, but the name, and the previous content just didn’t feel right for me…so I stopped. And now I feel like God is asking me to pick it back up…but this time going back to what God had had spoken to me years before…back to Gods heart and design for me.

As I prayed about what this space would be, and felt the return of  “Sustenance” on my heart, I began to feel the fire to write again. I want this to not just be a place for words…because so many words and thoughts and opinions can be poisonous if left unfiltered. I don’t want the focus here to be my words..but His Word. I want this to be a place of growth. Where I will grow as I study God’s word and share what I am learning…and my hope is that you also will grow as you read my reflections, my studies, my prayers. Grow with me. Share your heart with me of what God is teaching you. I want for us to not just read, but be equipped to study, to digest and understand His truth.