God has called us to flourish in His presence! … More Flourish



There are rarely seasons in our lives where we have only one purpose, only one sphere of influence, one thing to do day in and day out. In fact, I have yet to have such a season in my own life. My days and nights are filled with varying tasks, people, purposes all biding for … More Sow


A few months ago I was reading through a random lifestyle blog and came across something that I could not let go of. This young lady was writing of how she had been feeling empty and stuck in a rut…but how this particular book she is reading had changed her tune and that she was … More Nothing


  I don’t know about you, but sometimes no matter how simple it may sound, putting instruction into practice is typically where it all begins to fall apart. I can read, or listen to something that makes so much sense…it resonates with exactly where I am right now. My heart and my mind both are … More Hearing

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There are a lot of obvious things that I see in the day to day that need to be “tidied” in my home… and those are typically the things I do in my regular house chores. Things like pick up socks of the floor that were left by the couch one night, or maybe this … More Search Me

By Faith

I cannot paste an entire chapter out of the Bible in this post….but oh how I would like to. If you are able…take a moment before continuing this blog, pop over to bible.com or your bible app if you’re on your phone and read Hebrews chapter 11. Read it slowly and thoughtfully; take in the … More By Faith


Conquering fear is one of the most difficult battles we face in life. Fear of death. Fear of not being enough. Fear of being robbed, or taken advantage of. Fear of losing what we love most. Fear of failing. Fear of punishment. Fear of being alone. Fear of the future. Fear of the unforeseen. When … More Untroubled

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When a child is little they like to take their parent’s hand and drag them to things they want to see, or want to do. When they first start doing this, it is so cute. It’s their way of communicating when they don’t yet have words. But it’s also a sign of their immaturity…they drag … More Follow Me

Don’t Just Listen

I listened to a sermon once about a dirty pool. Ok, that’s not exactly what the message was about…but here’s what stood out to me: Anyone who has lived in Phoenix knows that the day after a storm has rolled through, you have to take the time to clean out your pool. It’s annoying, but fishing out … More Don’t Just Listen

I am here

In the book of Matthew, Jesus has been teaching His disciples about faith through a series of parables. These chapters have been filled with parable after parable, and miracle after miracle as Jesus ministers to the people. In just the chapter before I’ll be going through in this post, Jesus is teaching about the Parable … More I am here